Monday, December 25, 2017

My First Job at Vedanta Limited

It was 23rd of September 2016, when HR team of Vedanta Limited visited our NIT Agartala campus for its recruitment drive of engineers from different branches. I belonged to the Department of Civil Engineering with excellent academic profile and somewhat inclined towards research in the civil engineering field. Although for placements we (civilians) had L&T construction company on top of our list, since I was eligible to sit in Vedanta Limited recruitment drive, I thought to give it a try. From the aptitude test at 9:00 AM to interview at 9:00 PM, I enjoyed the whole selection procedure to its maximum as it was my first in life recruitment experience. After the procedure was over, I knew that I was going to be selected for sure even if there's a single vacancy. But the biggest fear 😅 were the

punches from dear friends, which was an essential part of placement celebration. A kind of ritual you can say 😆. Finally, it was all over for the time being and I was out of the placement session as per the policy.

Then, It was on 22nd August 2017, when I joined Vedanta Limited, Jharsuguda, Orissa with some other folks in batch. A new life with a new experience (corporate feeling) 😊, new friends/colleagues. After induction classes of about one week, we were assigned responsibilities in different departments. I was assigned Civil & Infra department in Captive Power Plant, 9*135 MW (India's largest CPP). There I was mentored by two most helpful seniors Mr Saket and Mr Karthikk. I learnt the very basics of industry, projects and people management. I can't say about other locations, but I must say what I experienced in CPP was much different from what I had heard. People were cooperative and enjoyed their work. A little work pressure was there, but opportunities would just conceal them. I have seen people who have just joined the company and handle projects worth 5 crores. I have seen people becoming shift in-charge within a year.

My First Job at Vedanta Limited by Shubham Raj

It was just four months when I had to file resignation, not because there was any problem, but I had got what I really wanted in my heart. I always wanted to secure the highest academic expertise possible in my field, and guess what, I got the opportunity to pursue a PhD in civil engineering at IIT Madras (India's best technical university). But, I must say, Vedanta Limited is a great place full of opportunities to work and excel. I have seen a lot of negative reviews about the company. Just ignore those and if you are really willing to make your career in the manufacturing industry, Vedanta Limited is the best place for you.