Saturday, September 5, 2020

On the teachers' day of year 2020, remembering a selfless mentor, a teacher!

Who I was? A dumb fellow whose parents were distressed for his studies, changing one school to another, only with a hope that someday and somewhere they find a #TEACHER who can hold his hands and make him see what his real potentials are!

In this life of endless learning, we keep on encountering teachers who definitely add a step in the long ladder to success. But, a few of them sacrifice their self-lives to become a strong foundation holding that ladder. Say it my luck or the selfless efforts of my parents, I got such a teacher! His name is Satyajeet Sir. I left the conventional schooling system, and he became my 24x7 teacher. For 4 long years, it was only him for my education. I started with class 4 and completed mathematics and science till class 10 with him. He showed me what I am capable of. He taught me a lifelong lesson that nothing is impossible for a human, our mind and body have no limit. One can perform without boundaries if stretched and steered carefully. It was the year 2007 when I had to leave him to get back to the formal education system. I got admission in DAV public school in class 8. I still remember the tears in his eyes and the last sentence he spoke to my father. He said “I have watered your plant, I have nurtured it, but I will never get the fruits. I have shown him his real capabilities; may he achieve heights in his life and career.”

It has been over 13 years I have not seen him, but there has never been a time I forgot to thank him for being the foundation of my career. Unfortunately, I don’t know where he is and what he is doing in his life. On this teachers’ day of year 2020, when the whole world is stock-still due to #Covid19 pandemic and recollecting their life moments, I just want to thank all the teachers, professors, guides, and mentors, and especially ‘Satyajeet Sir’ for molding me into the personality I am today or will be tomorrow.